Screen Printing Pricing

Please contact us for more specific quotes.


• All pricing is subject to change. 

• There may be additional fees, like artwork fees, setup fees, and/or shipping costs.

• Payment is required before any items are decorated.


Screen printing pricing*:

Quantity 1 Color Front 1 Color Front and Back
6 $12 $22
12 $8 $14
18 $7 $12
24 $6 $10
48 $5 $9

*Pricing does not include the apparel/item. It is only for the decoration.



Additional Charges:

Artwork - $75 for quantities up to 49; $55 for quantities of 50 or more

PMS Match - $60 per color

Screen Change - $50 for a new color or fabric (cotton/blend to polyester or vise versa)


Above pricing is for cotton or cotton/polyester blends in a standard location and size, with black or color ink. There are additional charges for white ink; polyester, spandex, or nylon apparel; for puff imprints, glitter, glow-in-the-dark imprints; and for non-standard sizes/locations. Please contact us for a specific quote.


Pricing is subject to change. Quoted prices are not guaranteed when it comes to the final pricing. Your final invoice may vary greatly from the prices listed above based on several factors. 

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