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Here at Delightful Detail, we strive to provide our customers with the best experience when ordering custom apparel and promotional products. The following breaks down our policies regarding payments, customer supplied apparel, and more. If there are further questions regarding these policies, please contact us. 


All orders must be paid in full for items to be shipped or picked up. Payments can be made by cash, check, or card. A non-refundable down payment is required when the order is placed. The down payment will often be about 50% of the total price. Full payment is required before any items are decorated. Invoices are finalized after orders are placed, and usually are sent via email. Any outstanding invoices will incur an additional fee (5% per 30 days) if they remain unpaid for longer than 30 days.

Production Times

All orders are added to the job queue and completed in the order they came in, with the exception of rush jobs. All decoration (embroidery, screen printing, engraving) can take anywhere from one to three weeks depending on the current volume of orders. Our production time shifts daily as the number of unfinished jobs fluctuates. The estimated completion date is not always guaranteed. As jobs are finished, we get in contact right away to let customers know by call, text, or email. The production times for promotional products varies greatly from item to item. The normal production time is listed under the "Delivery" tab of most products on our website.


Customers ensure that all spelling, grammar, color choices, fonts, and placement are correct. Any changes must be requested before the proof is approved and the items go into production. When customers receive a proof, they must approve or reject through the "My Promo Dashboard" link. Any artwork approvals or rejections made by email, call, or text are not valid and your items will not go into production until approval is made through your dashboard link. The customer is responsible for checking their spam email folders and requesting the link be sent again through text or a different email address if needed. Failure to properly approve the proof will cause delays in your order being completed. 

Rush Job Timing

The rush times for promotional products varies and, for some items, a rush is not available. A decoration job is considered a rush if the in hands date is anywhere from 5 days to an immediate, 24 hour turnaround. Without paying an additional fee for the rush, we cannot guarantee the in hands date, though we will still try our best to get the products to you. The rush fees are as follows: 5 day rush is an additional 25% of the total invoice charged; 3 - 4 day rush is an additional 50% of the total invoice charged; 2 day rush is an additional 75% of the total invoice charged; 1 day/24 hour rush is an additional 100% of the total invoice charged.


Shipping can be quoted upon request. Unless otherwise requested, our default delivery carrier is UPS. Delightful Detail is not responsible for any damage caused during shipping or the loss of items after they have been shipped out.

Donations to Charities

Here at Delightful Detail, we love to support different charities and fundraisers. We will offer discounts on both apparel pricing and decoration pricing. Unfortunately, we can only offer these special discounts to a limited number of organizations. If you are interested in having Delightful Detail provide discounted pricing for a particular organization, please get in contact with us right away. Even when the full discount cannot be applied, we are still able to offer partial discounts for your upcoming event. To receive the full discount for the next year, please inquire about it in January. 

Customer Supplied Apparel/Items

Delightful Detail does not accept client provided items for custom decoration with few exceptions. Exceptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Examples of exceptions are certain memorabilia, heirlooms, and the like. We will supply popular items for personalization such as shirts, hats, bags, tumblers, and plenty more. Please contact us with questions or to request decoration permission. If you do provide items for decoration, you, the customer, are responsible for them. Delightful Detail claims no liability for items damaged during the decoration process. 

Abandoned Items

Jobs are considered abandoned by customers if they are not picked up within 90 days of completion. Delightful Detail will contact the business/individual by all means possible and wait one week, after the 90 day period, for a response before items are officially declared abandoned. Once a job is marked as abandoned, the items will be recycled or donated. Repeat orders of abandoned jobs can be requested, but there may be additional fees. If only a deposit was made for an abandoned job, the outstanding balance must be paid before any repeat orders or new orders are put in production for the customer. 



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