In the beginning of 2008, husband and wife team Anton and Christina Dell'Orefice were looking for professional lifestyle changes. Anton was in the commercial real estate industry in Philadelphia, PA, and Christina was taking a break from the corporate world to stay home with their young daughters.

In March of that year, Christina was expecting their fourth child. A few weeks before the birth, Anton took a business trip to Atlantic City, NJ, to meet with his Army buddy, David. David was in town attending a trade show for the decorated apparel industry which featured wholesalers as well as equipment manufacturers. During Anton's meeting with David, he took the occasion to visit some of the booths. When he returned home that evening, Anton excitedly described what Christina could do professionally - become a custom embroider.

On March 14, Christina finalized paperwork to purchase industrial embroidery equipment and to launch Delightful Detail. Eleven days later, she gave birth to their fourth daughter.

To help Christina's business, Anton ran the embroidery machine part time from the basement of their home. Almost immediately, clients asked about decorating other items with business names and logos. Customers were happy with the work and satisfied with the customer service. After a little research, Delightful Detail expanded offerings to include promotional products. In 2009, Anton transitioned to working for Delightful Detail full time. 

Delightful Detail has grown to add more equipment, such as screen printers, heat presses, a vinyl cutter, and a laser engraver. To accommodate the growth, Delightful Detail moved into a retail location in Concordville, PA, in 2014. Most items are produced on site. Items that are outsourced are done with qualified and trusted partners.

The mission of Delightful Detail is to provide you with the best promotional products possible. Working with premier suppliers, Delightful Detail is dedicated to providing you with top quality promotional products to help ensure the success of your business. Experienced and highly trained staff are ready to take on your marketing needs. Delightful Detail adds visual value to everyday items to help your business grow and prosper. Before you buy, give us a try!